Tokyo's Neon Signs

Keiko Nakamura

Keiko Nakamura is an Arts professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. Born in Japan, she has lived in New York extensively but recently returned to her homecountry to teach her passion. She loves walking around hidden backstreets discovering quirky shops and random art.

I love wandering through the streets of Tokyo, finding new places popping up at every corner. The city is constantly reinventing itself which was one of the reason I came back to my home city after many years abroad. When asked about my experience, I can only respond:

Tokyo is the city of my dreams: Modernity and tradition are fusing together and constantly give birth to new creations of light and shadow. It is true that the city never sleeps. The neon lights are flickerung 24/7 and bathing the city in its signature glow and giving me life.

Now teaching at Tokyo University of Arts I spents my days at the university, but the night is when I truly come alive. Walking through the city on the verge of light and shadow, I discover the most astonishing, ugly, beautiful places. Many people are questioning my love for Tokyo's imperfections, but as in the art of Wabi-sabi, true beauty often lies beneath the surface.

Neon Sign
Bright Pink Neon Sign in Roppongi/Tokyo.

I hope that more and more people will see the true beauty of Tokyo soon. It is a captivating beast that you won't be able to take your eyes of again. Explore the city in your own pace and discover things you have never seen before.

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Tokyo at Night
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